Update on Akeem and Troy Enjoying Their First Semester at Morehouse College

Akeem & Troy, the first participants in Bailey’s Cafe’s Community College Fund, have completed their first month at Morehouse College 

Thank You Everyone Who Helped Them Get There!!

Akeem Pearce and Troy Ennis are still adjusting to Atlanta and college life but they are staying on top of their classes and getting involved in a variety fo activities.  (Okay Troy and Akeem you should take over here and tell some stories about what is going on…be specific so folks can really have a sense of what is happening to you). 




We are turning to the community for help to raise the additional funds.

Can you make a small (or large) donation to help Akeem and Troy reach their goal of $20,000 before the end of the year?

For those of you who can give, it is evident that these young men intend to give it all back.  They have exhibited desire to learn, potential to excel and gratitude for the opportunity in front of them, what they need now is your generous financial support to get there

A special thanks goes out to all of you who contributed to the first round of donations. We are now trying to raise the money for them to attend the summer session so they can begin the fall 2013 semester as sophomores.

You can send a check directly to Akeem’s and Troy’s individual accounts at Morehouse: Checks/money orders are made out to Morehouse College and list in the memo section:

Akeem Pearce account#: M00048969  and Troy Ennis account#:  M00052441

Mail to:

Office of Financial Aid, Morehouse College
Attn: Ms. Jackie Jackson, Scholarship Coordinator
830 Westview Drive Southwest
Atlanta, GA 31314
(404) 215-2638
OR you can donate online through Bailey’s Cafe’s College Fund Account:



Our Community College Fund grew out of the recognized need that many of the young people within our programs need basic financial support to secure their ability to enter and sustain a college career.

Currently the criteria for being a recipient of the College Fund is to fulfill one or more of the following:

*Paul Robeson High School Graduate

*Demonstrated interest in Social Justice

*Outstanding ability in the performance and/or fine arts

A Center for Community, Education and the Arts



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